Saturday, June 16, 2007

Gotta work on the kitchen

Now, we liked the existing kitchen. Although, as you can see by the photos, there was damage to the structure. At some point in it's life, there was water infiltration into the kitchen area, so rot and mold took over:
If we didn't have to live in the house, maybe we would have been able to fix and recover this kitchen, but knowing that mold was literally just around the corner, we decided to take the structure apart and install a new kitchen. When we later removed the "hardwood" vinyl strips, we found out the kitchen was not completely original to the house and had been modified; the nail holes in the concrete for support of the original structure had been filled and covered with the vinyl flooring.

Adding to that decision was the fact that a tall dividing structure enclosed the kitchen area from the space around the front of the house - the front living and dining "rooms". We figured this transition should flow better to allow use of the kitchen while in contact with guests:The picture above shows two of the 3 different existing flooring types: parquet, carpet and "hardwood" vinyl.

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